Maria Hulthén Music
I am a classically trained violinist, vocalist and composer, and hold the prestigious title of Riksspelman (National Folk Musician) in Fiddling. My musical repertoire reflects the Swedish folk music tradition, particularly traditional folk tunes from Southern Dalarna…

I have a solid and extensive background in both traditional and innovative folk music and ballads, and am very proud to have the ability to pass my expertise on to others and convey the joy and inspiration I feel in this unique and time-honored musical tradition. Composing choral music is my passion – there is such an amazing intrinsic power in a choir performance. The communication between the listeners and the performers is so strong, it often forms a magic that is difficult to explain, but one that I have experienced many times. My choral works, which can also be commissioned, are produced in close collaboration with choirs.

In 1992, I was awarded the prestigious title of Riksspelman (National Folk Musician), an honor that is only bestowed on a few selected master musicians each year by the Zorn Jury. This title was awarded with the distinction, “For the magnificent and elegant performance of tunes from Southern Dalarna,” and I am one of very few living musicians with the knowledge and ability to pass on the old folk tune traditions from Southern Dalarna. During my teens, I toured with the folk musician group Daldockorna to Kansas, Texas and Iowa, returning to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree in musician and soloist studies at the Malmö Academy of Music. Since completing my studies, I have performed as a freelance guest violinist with a variety of musical organizations, including the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

I have had a diverse career as a musician and artist. Following a tour with the world-renown choral conductor Eric Ericson and his Chamber Choir, and through an excellent recommendation from Mr. Ericson, I had the honor of studying with the celebrated violinist Camilla Wicks in San Francisco. I have also participated in a range of performances for Swedish radio and television, and have performed for a number of CD recordings. My violin playing can be heard in the Oscar-nominated film “As It Is in Heaven,” and my choral works Ljus och Hopp – mässa i folkton [“Light and Hope – Mass with Traditional Folk Elements”], Böner i advent [“Prayers in Advent”] and Pilgrimsmässan Stenens lovsång ["Pilgrim Mass: The Stone's Song of Praise”] have enjoyed great success. My music has often been compared to that of the English composer John Rutter (All Things Bright and Beautiful, Gloria) and the Swedish composer Benny Andersson (Mamma Mia!, Chess).

My product and service offering comprises concert arrangements, workshops and commissioned compositions.