Dala FolkArt - Folk Art and Folklore from Sweden
State-of-the-art Dalecarlian handicrafts and courses
“Time-honored traditions permeate all of their creations, and their products and services embody the diverse expressions and techniques of Swedish folk art…”

Dala FolkArt is a platform for three highly skilled and well-established folklore businesswomen from Southern Dalarna. Each of these remarkable women has her own unique skills and forms of expression within her own folk art medium, but each perfectly represents the extraordinary cultural heritage and traditions of Sweden. What unites decorative painter Åse Larsjos, tailor Mari Sjögren and folk musician Maria Hulthén is both the desire they each have to spread Swedish cultural traditions and they joy they each feel in passing their skills and creative energy on to others through courses, workshops and commissioned work.


Folk art helps us recount our origins – it tells the story of where we come from and who we are. The artistic mediums of traditional Dalecarlian painting, folk music and sewing techniques allow you the chance to give expression to your own background and your own personality – and Dala FolkArt is there to cheerfully guide and assist you every step of the way. Tradition permeates everything created by Dala FolkArt, and when these artisans create new products and services, they take inspiration from the diverse expressions and techniques of traditional Dalecarlian folk art. They all feel a strong bond and passion for the authentic, the “soul” of the folk tradition, and the culture of Southern Dalarna. Dala FolkArt’s mission is to spread the cultural heritage of Southern Dalarna to the rest of the world and to future generations. Some of the words often associated with Dalarna are beauty, natural, origin, unique, authentic, genuine and quality. And these are precisely what Dala FolkArt also stands for.

Experience Dalarna and the Swedish culture through Dala FolkArt!