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Visa Dala FolkArt, Dalarna Sweden på en större karta
Southern Dalarna, with its enchanting natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, is located just two hours north of Stockholm. Explore the many hidden gems of Southern Dalarna, and make unforgettable memories with Dala FolkArt.

The entrancing natural and cultural district of Southern Dalarna is located just 125 miles north of Stockholm and can be easily reached by car, bus or train in about two hours, or by plane in just forty minutes. There are several train routes throughout the day from Arlanda International Airport to many destinations in Southern Dalarna, and flights run daily on weekdays to Dala Airport in Borlänge. Southern Dalarna offers a rich variety of culinary, cultural and natural delights. Dala FolkArt and our business associates in the Southern Dalarna handicraft, activity and accommodation sectors can help you experience all this magical province has to offer, and give you skills and memories to last a lifetime.

Try your hand at forging your own candlestick or bottle opener under the expert direction of Erik Vargtand at his forge “Svartkonst” in Bispbergshyttan. Erik Vargtand (whose last name means “Wolf Tooth” by the way) designs and forges his own traditional rustic Swedish household objects and metal sculptures, and offers courses in this nearly forgotten art. Many of his creations are commissioned and his work is often displayed at exhibitions.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience! The restaurant at Dala-Husby Hotel & Restaurant, headed by award-winning chef Victor Angmo, was designated “Swedish Master Class 2010” by the prestigious White Guide to Swedish restaurants. At Kloster Manor, you can stay in a genuine 18th century ironworks and listen to the roar of the rapids in the distance from your own peaceful idyll amidst monastery ruins and a beautiful historic park. Explore the old stomping grounds of world-renown inventor Gustav de Laval, who laid the foundations for two of his most famous inventions, the milk separator and the steam turbine, here in the mid-19th century. The Kloster Manor is part of the Husbyringen Nature and Culture Path, Sweden’s first eco-museum, which also runs through the picturesque Sjärnsund Ironworks, the childhood home of another Swedish inventor genius and nobleman, Christopher Polhem. The celebrated Stiernsund clocks are still being made by hand according to Polhem’s original mechanical designs by craftsman Robert Goude at Stiernsund-Ur, a business that has been in the Goude family for over a century. The Lundgren Cultural Arts and Community Centre in Gustafs also houses a museum portraying the area’s 120-year tradition of authentic handicrafts such as ornamental frame molding, mirrors and cornices, which are still often gilded by hand. When still in operation, the ornamental molding workshop in Gustafs was known the world over for its quality and its genuine craftsmanship, and a large portion of their product range was exported to the U.S.

Gustafs Spline & Cornices AB has preserved this unique craftsmanship and taken responsibility for carrying this tradition onward. The company is one of very few still manufacturing ornamental cornices. Using traditional, very old machinery, they handcraft ornamental frame molding and cornices using patterns made from a secret 19th century recipe with a modern design twist. At their bell foundry in Knutshyttan, Gustafspinglan carries on yet another of the centuries-old handicraft traditions that live on in Southern Dalarna. The exquisite Gustafspinglan bronze bells can be engraved with the inscription of your choice and make a much-appreciated gift.

The idyllic and charming little town of Säter – which boasts some of the country’s best-preserved traditional timber architecture – offers accommodation and courses at Stadshotellet Säter. Designated a “national cultural preservation environment”, idyllic downtown Säter exudes history and culture around every corner. Walking through the nearly unchanged 17th century street system, relaxing in the town square and wandering among the timber houses and their green gardens inspires a feeling of harmony and timelessness. Just a few steps from the city center, Lake Ljustern offers swimming and recreation facilities, and the beautiful nature reserve Säterdalen takes you on an enchanting and mystical journey through a unique system of ravines and vegetation. Situated near the picturesque banks of Ljustern, Storgården Bed & Breakfast offers rooms decorated in Nordic design with light tones. Venues for courses and lunch restaurants are also located nearby, as is the catering company Gåfood AB, which provides nourishing, traditional Swedish meals to Dala FolkArt course participants.

Welcome to Southern Dalarna!