Åse Larsjos Decorative Painting
I am an artist working through the medium of traditional Dalecarlian decorative painting, which gives me outlet to explore creative, unique and innovative expression. My work reflects my own distinctive style while always emphasizing the importance of preserving traditional skills and form…

“Kurbits,” the richly-decorated floral motifs in Dalecarlian painting, is one of my specialties. In addition to commissioned work, I also offer courses and workshops in traditional Dalecarlian and Swedish decorative painting. These courses have attracted students from as far away as the United States, and can be tailor-designed to the specific requests or interests of the participants.

Largely self-taught, I have also received extensive training in the art of traditional decorative painting by a number of highly regarded experts. Since my professional debut as a traditional Dalecarlian painter in 1996, I have received a steadily increasing amount of orders for painting commissions in Dalarna and throughout Sweden. In 2004, I was selected by the Swedish Federation of Business Owners as one of only a few select entrepreneurs to be granted an audience with Crown Princess Victoria during her tour of businesses in Dalarna.

With my training as an educator, paired with many years of experience leading workshops and courses in various forms of traditional Swedish and Dalecarlian painting, I can offer excellent guidance to anyone interested in learning or developing this distinctive and beautiful ancient art. The joy I find in connecting with other people, and of spreading knowledge and happiness, were given recognition in 2003, when I was awarded a Culture Prize for my many years of cultural devotion and “infectious enthusiasm.”

A job well done and a satisfied customer are naturally the most important elements of my work ethic. With simple, eco-friendly materials and traditional, time-honored painting techniques, I joyfully paint and decorate interiors, furniture, wall panels, borders, porches, door and façade placards in Kurbits, Rose and other traditional Swedish and Dalecarlian floral motif painting styles.

I always strive in my work to unite traditional techniques and form with a more modern expression. With sure brushstrokes, I leave beautiful memories in my wake.