Mari Sjögren Tailoring
I am a trained professional tailor and have been holding courses in traditional sewing methods in conjunction with my tailoring business since 1995. I specialize in hand-stitching, with a particular focus on the various sewing techniques used in traditional folk costumes…

High-quality, hand-sewn natural materials and personal contact with my customers are the two foundational pillars of my work. Working primarily with natural materials such as wool, linen, cotton and leather, I create –and help others to create – exquisite, one-of-a-kind heirloom garments. The respect and repute I have earned for this expertise is confirmed by my many satisfied customers and students, who return year after year from all over Sweden and as far away as Japan and the U.S.

In addition to commissioned work, I also arrange courses for both groups and individuals in: Hand-stitching techniques such as the backstitch, running stitch, blind hem stitch, tambour work, etc. Traditional sewing techniques, creating toile pattern garments (“muslins”), personally-designed garments, etc. Custom designed garments made from participants’ own special fabrics such as silk, brocade or homespun/hand-woven fabric.

I also sell fabric and materials for Swedish folk costumes at my specialized boutique in Säter.

I have continued to further my professional tailoring education over the years through extensive examination and study of preserved folk costume collections at the Dalarna Museum and at Gammelgården in Borlänge, with particular focus given to cuts and stitching techniques. I have also conducted detailed investigations into the cuts used in 18th century women’s clothing, and have sewn several replicas of these. Over the years, I have developed my artistic expression by designing and creating innovative modern clothing, often inspired by traditional folk costumes. My extensive expertise finds outlet in the use of traditional techniques for cutting, sewing and fabric selection. My clothing creations are unique and timeless.

What drives me is my desire to share and pass on the rich cultural heritage of Southern Dalarna to the next generation – no matter what age or corner of the world that next generation might hail from.